Feeding the Homeless

Crawley West Sussex

Full Service
Tuesday • Thursday • Saturday • Sunday
7pm to 9pm
Outside Choices Estate Agents • Broadwalk
Hot Food • Hot & Cold Drinks • Free Shop
Rough Sleepers • Temporarily Housed

Snack Service
Monday • Wednesday • Friday
7pm to 8pm
By Halifax Bank • The Martletts
Snacks • Cold Drinks
Rough Sleepers Only

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Drinks Served Per Year
Snack Bags Per Year

About Us

We are a small local charity that serves the homeless community. We operate in Crawley, West Sussex and we are entirely run by volunteers. Our primary focus is rough sleepers/street homeless, closely followed by temporarily housed and hidden homeless. We serve our guests a free hot meal and give them some of the essential items they need to get by. We regularly have paramedics attending to give advice and carry out basic health checks. Another incredibly important aspect is taking the time to talk to them and reducing the social isolation they endure. We give them respect and compassion, friendship and hope, no matter what their circumstances may be or what problems they may have, they are always welcomed at Giving Back Crawley.
We are a registered charity, number 1178136 and our official charitable objects are;
For the public benefit, to relieve the effects of poverty in the Crawley area, in particular, but not exclusively amongst those who are homeless by supplying them with food, goods and services.

What We Do

Food & Drink
We serve our guests a hot meal along with hot and cold drinks and we hand out snack bags for the rough sleepers to take away with them. We also have a free shop with various grocery items for them to take.
We take donated clothing and distribute to our guests. Most don’t have access to washing machines, so we enable them to get a fresh set of clothing.
We provide sleeping bags and camping mats to our rough sleepers. Sleeping rough is already pretty horrible but without any bedding it’s unbearable.
We hand out wellbeing items including baby wipes, deodorant, hand sanitiser, lip balm, mouthwash (alcohol-free), plasters, sanitary products, tissues and toilet roll. We also have paramedics attending regularly for health checks.

We can’t provide all of the specialist support that our guests need. We discuss their challenges with them, suggest organisations that can help and encourage them to engage with them.

Above all, we care. We take the time to talk to our guests, help where we can and do everything possible to bring a little joy to everyone who visits us.

Guest Testimonials

Help Us

That sleeping bag you no longer use or little things like baby wipes, chapsticks or mouthwash can make daily life a little more bearable for someone sleeping on the streets. Money donations help us fund all of our services or maybe you have some spare time and some skills that could benefit us? Perhaps you could consider fundraising for us or even volunteering?

Donate Goods We Need

Hot Chocolate
Longlife Milk
Sleeping Bags (Good Condition, Second Hand)

Best Buys We've Found

Apples• Aldi • £0.69 (6)
Coffee • Asda Smartprice • £0.78 (100g)
Crisps • Aldi Snackrite • £2.49 (30 packs)
Hot Chocolate • Asda Smartprice • £0.70 (400g)
Longlife Milk • Aldi • £0.55 (Litre)
Sugar • Asda • £3.14 (5kg)
Water • Aldi • £1.49 (12 x 500ml)


Please let us know if you find anywhere cheaper!

We Don’t Need Right Now
Baby Wipes
Deodorants (Roll On)
Mouthwash (Alcohol Free)

We Cannot Use
Any Clothing Not Listed
Duvet Covers

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2018/2019 Q1-Q3 Income

  • Money £13,885
  • Gift Aid £1,425
  • Goods Sold £50
  • Bedding £529
  • Catering £5,643
  • Miscellaneous £1,531

2018/2019 Q1-Q3 Expenditure

  • Compliance £230
  • Memberships £87
  • Bank Charges £14
  • Computer Software £105
  • Equipment £1,309
  • Building £1,440
  • Bedding £361
  • Catering £6,255
Total Income (Cash & Goods)
Total Expenses (Cash & Goods)
Cash Only Balance

We are currently building our cash reserves so that we can rent our own building to operate from.
We are fanatical about financial transparency so please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you would like to know.
You can download our latest Statement of Financial Activities which is updated quarterly.

Our financial year runs 27th April 2018 to 30th April 2019.
Income and expenditure figures include both money and goods values.
All figures are rounded to the nearest pound.
Bedding = Sleeping bags & camping mats etc.
Catering = Food, drink, plates, plastic cutlery, take away boxes, cups etc.
Miscellaneous = Equipment, website, insurance, memberships etc.
Compliance = Insurance, DBS Checks etc.
Memberships = Homeless Link
Building = Hire of buildings.

We also receive regular donations of food produce, clothing, toiletries and various other items. It is not possible to reliably value these items so they are not included in the above figures.

Financial Facts:
100% of donations will go on charitable activities.
We do not receive any government funding.
We do not receive any grants.
We do not spend any money on fundraising.
We do not spend any money on advertising.
None of our team is paid in any way.
None of our team can claim any expenses.
Volunteer clothing does not come from donated monies.
Volunteer drinks do not come from donations.
Our van is entirely funded by the trustees.

The Team

Sean Towers
Sean Towers • Trustee • Honorary Chairman

We operate at the sharp end of the poverty problem, often dealing with people who have nothing more than the clothes they’re wearing. I’m a hands-on volunteer, so I get to see for myself just how much difference we make to some much less fortunate people. The things most of us take for granted are beyond the dreams of many of the people we serve. We constantly review every aspect of our service so that we can continuously improve and evolve.

Joe Dines
Joe Dines • Trustee • Honorary Vice-Chair

Being a part of Giving Back Crawley is an absolute honour. The charity strives to support homeless members of our community who are vulnerable and in need. Every member of the GBC team gives not only their time but their love and compassion to the charity and its guests. Together we are an eclectic, joyful and often chaotic family and they have taught me so much about life and the sort of person that I want to be.

Kamal Vasdev
Kamal Vasdev • Trustee • Honorary Secretary

Volunteering has opened my eyes to the different types of homelessness that exist and the day to day problems experienced by those who fall within those types of homelessness. It’s a harsh reminder of how we can often take what we have in life for granted. Having witnessed what a difference we’ve been able to make to the lives of so many, I’m delighted to now have the opportunity, to work with the other Trustees to contribute towards and help shape the future development of GBC.

Volunteer Team
Alison C
Dan B
Laura M
Linda D
Ray S
Stephen Y
Sue F
Tammy L
Tracey B
Vicky J
Volunteer Team
Abbie W
Crinnan G
Dharmesh L
Emilie L F
Jaine L
Jill B
John M
Kate M
Katie M
Volunteer Team
Abbey O
Avis W-P
Jacqui W
Joe W
Kirsty M
Laura-Lee W
Michelle D
Sajid K
Samantha P
Vivien M
Volunteer Team
Andres S
Anthony J
Daniel W
Hannah D
Laura K
Louise P
Lyndsay J
Nicky P
Sebastian G

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Full Service
Tuesday • Thursday • Saturday • Sunday
7pm to 9pm
Outside Choices Estate Agents • Broadwalk
Hot Food • Hot & Cold Drinks • Free Shop
Rough Sleepers • Temporarily Housed

Snack Service
Monday • Wednesday • Friday
7pm to 8pm
By Halifax Bank • The Martletts
Snacks • Cold Drinks
Rough Sleepers Only

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Sean Towers

Sean Towers
Trustee • Honorary Chairman
07533 994475

Joe Dines

Joe Dines
Trustee • Honorary Vice-Chair
07814 171796

Kamal Vasdev

Kamal Vasdev
Trustee • Honorary Secretary
07983 607791

Registered Office Address:
Flat 39 Tomlin Court
Commonwealth Drive
West Sussex
RH10 1AH

Registered Charity Number 1178136

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